The storage life of a mixture depends on its composition and, as a rule, is from three to twelve weeks.
The storage life date can be found on the card that accompanies a compound. Careful preliminary inspections will guarantee that processing is carried out within the specified storage life. Unfavorable storage conditions, however, might have a negative effect on durability. We therefore recommend the following guidelines.

  • The storage site should be cool, dry and protected from direct exposure to light (sunlight, strong artificial light).
  • The storage should not be outdoors.
  • Storage room temperatures should not be below + 5°C or above + 25°C. Short summer peaks of up to +35°C generally will not damage the compound.

Important: Long storage periods at temperatures over +25°C can shorten storage life.

  • Polychloroprene rubber compounds require a storage temperature of at least +15°C as otherwise a crystallization effect might occur.

The general storage recommendation specified for best storage temperature of +5°C to +25°C with short-term summer peaks up to +35°C is not applicable for ECO, ACM, AEM and CR (limited) compounds. Such rubber compounds are very sensitive to high temperatures, so we recommend a maximum storage temperature of 20°C, if it is to be stored for the full 4 week period. Our analysis of the rheometer curves and Mooney values showed that there is a maximum storage life of just 5 days when stored at a temperature of > 25°C.

Our experiences

stock temperature storage time
over 25°C max. 5 days
20°C – 25°C max. 14 days
under 20°C max. 28 days
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