Compound Production


Top priority in the production of compounds is quality.

For production the compounds are grouped into rubber families. The required planning is carried out via our modern production planning system (PPS). This system incorporates all the major steps - from the input of raw materials up until the delivery of the finished compound - necessary for compound production. Whereas compound production used to be carried out in mills, today we use mainly internal mixers.

Yet, even today open roll mills are of major importance for special purposes. With a kneader, the mixing process is carried out in a closed mixing chamber. In comparison to a mill this offers the advantage of achieving more homogenous mixtures.

Phoenix Compounding Technology GmbH employs latest generation kneaders. The kneaders work fully automatic and are computer controlled via special programmable controls (SPS). Material flow is automated to a high degree too. The major part of the raw materials is transfered to hoppers at delivery. From here, the material is weighed and transported directly to the kneader computer-controlled. Other raw materials, e.g. rubber, are weighed at the mixer. Compound production usually comprises two steps. First a so called premix (batch) is produced, typically containing rubber, filler, softener, antioxidants, processing aids and other additives. During the second step accelerators and cross-linking agents are added.

Compound Production

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