Testing Possibilities

Test Engineering

We have a decade of experience in the testing of elastomers and plastics, initially as an internal service provider for Phoenix AG, and for several years for customers outside the corporation as well. We now belong to Phoenix Compounding Technology GmbH, which is a legally independent entity. It is of course expected that test values are correct. We strive to provide you with such values quickly and cost efficiently.

Your advantages

  • Fast. Testing as a rule gets underway the day the order is received.
  • Good value for money. Our market observations have shown that we usually beat out the competition in terms of price by a large margin.
  • Competent. We test according to more than 5,000 national and international standards and specifications as well as in-house methods, many of which have already been implemented in test procedures. One press of a button and the processing of a complete specification can begin.

We have at our disposal a quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
Legal note: The test laboratory is not an accredited centre of conformity evaluation in the context of § 1a AkkStelleG (accreditation body act).


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Abrasion, Frank Hauser, rotary abrasion test, Taber Abraser
Adhesion strength
Adhesion / scratch resistance, adhesion test
Air permeability, after torsional stress
Acid resistance, acid spray resistance, acid number, acid number (KOH)


Bursting pressure
Bending test with E modulus
Bending stiffness, bending strain
Bending stiffness, method acc. to Schlenker
Blocking strength, blocking resistance
Bend test
Brittleness temperature
Bonding strength
Behavior at permanent folding, repeated bending, De Mattia


Crockmeter rub fastness, wet and dry
Color difference, color change and polishing wax treatment, color difference measurement
Colorfastness, colorimetric measure, change in hue
Compressive stress
Compressive stress relaxation
Compression test
Cohesion strength
Compression set
Change in weight
Carbon black type, proportion of carbon black, carbon black content, carbon black content based on Frey, carbon black content based on TGA, carbon black distribution Firestone
Climatic cabinet, climatic change test
Contact discoloration
Corrosion, stability of corrosion protection, corrosion test, corrosion behavior, corrosion fatigue test
Combustibility test
Compression hardness
Condensation water test
Cohesive resistance


Density, hydrometer, pycnometer
Dimensional stability
Deformation from bending
Dimensional change


Elastic modulus, tensile testing with E modulus, bending with E modulus
Extractable portion, extraction type based on DC, extraction type based on IR, extraction content, extraction quantity
Elongation at tear
Elongation at break, breaking force


Folding stress, folding
Fire test, burning behavior
Fabric thickness / Hartlepp / frank / Schröder
Fuel resistance


Gehmann Test
Gloss, gloss measurement, glass fiber content


HCl - soluble ash, HCl - insoluble ash
Hot light aging, hot light fastness
High temperature resistance - bending stress
Hydrogen sulphide resistance


Impact penetration, puncture force, impact penetration behavior


Light fastness
Low temperature stability, low temp. stability - bending stress, low temp. stability - folding stress, low temp. stability, low temp. bending test, low temp. flexibility


Migration stain
Melting point


Ozon resistance, ozon resistance under dynamic conditions
Odor characteristics


PMMA imperviousness, Plexiglas compatibility
Pyrolysis residue, pyrolysible portion
Paint imperviousness
Point tearout strength
Peel test


Rub fastness, wet and dry
Rebound resilience
Resilience, restoring force
Residue on ignition


Salt spray test
Sieve analysis, wet/dry
Sludge test
Slot pressure test
Sulphur, free; sulphur, total; sulphur, ZnS
Sulphur dioxide resistance
Shore hardness
Stress relaxation
Softening point Kofler, softening point R+B
Surface resistance
swelling thickness change
Scratch resistance


Temperature stability
Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA)
Tear growth resistance/strength, Graves, Delft
Tensile stress
Tear strength, tear resistance
Tensile strength elongation, tensile strength
Tensile strength
Tensile stress relaxation
Tension set
Tear stability
Tear force


Vicat softening
Volume change
Volume resistance


Water absorption
Water vapor diffusion current density, water vapor diffusion resistance
Water vapor transmission
Water content, Karl-Fischer; water content, moisture scale
Weight per unit area


Xenon light test


Yield stress