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About Us

In 2001, Phoenix Compounding Technology GmbH was spun off from Phoenix AG, which was founded in 1856. Following the take over of Phoenix AG by ContiTech AG, Phoenix Compounding Technology GmbH now belongs to the ContiTech Group.

We specialize in the sales of rubber compounds for the most varied of applications. Our standard product range comprises a multitude of formulas that are constantly being improved and expanded. In many years of work, an experienced team of chemists and development engineers has developed a range of compounds that meets the needs of the most varied of standards. Phoenix compounds are produced in a wide range of forms for delivery, customized to meet the requirements of the individual production process. Using state-of-the-art technology, we subject our rubber compounds to stringent in-process inspections on an ongoing basis, which is vital for ensuring uniform quality.

Phoenix compounds are used wherever cost effectiveness is absolutely essential. Our database gives you an overview of our current product range. Using search functions, you can select the right grade of compound for your project. Should you not find the right compound for your application in our assortment, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry. We also custom develop compounds and would be pleased to help you with your needs.

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